Film crews adapting Emily Brontë and Jane Austen books for the small screen descended on East Riddlesden Hall.

They carried out location shoots for current ITV series Lost in Austen and a forthcoming version of Wuthering Heights.

Lost in Austen, which has a modern girl trapped in the plot of Pride and Prejudice, was filmed at several historic Yorkshire properties.

The crew spent two days at East Riddlesden Hall and the 17th-century manor house’s interior was dressed to reflect the later Regency period.

Mammoth Productions, which made the series, was impressed enough to return to film the upcoming TV version of Wuthering Heights.

Samantha Lawson, the hall’s visitor services manager, said its dark-looking sandstone was perfect for the imposing setting of the Brontë novel.

She said: “In the book the house is set on the moors, so a lot of clever artistry and fake sets have been used to place the hall in the moorland background.

“The grounds were dressed with heather, so many local visitors may not recognise the hall at first glance.”

Shooting took place at night and during the open visitor season for more than a week, involving a large cast and crew, children, dogs and horses.

“It was stunning watching the horses take the path up to the main house but staff at the hall are becoming accustomed to the strange requests of film crews,” she said.

“The hardest task is keeping the entire property silent — visitors, ducks and nearby traffic being difficult to pre-empt.”

The hall’s Great Barn was also used as a stable block and the shoot went well with many volunteers and staff keen to see the result next year.

East Riddlesden Hall remains open for visitors until the end of next month.

Lost in Austen is currently showing on Wednesdays on ITV, at 9pm, and Wuthering Heights is due to be aired early in 2009.