Sixty jobs are at risk at KONE Escalators, one of Keighley's biggest employers.

But some of the workers could be found other jobs within the firm's factory off Dalton Lane.

Loading bay manufacture could move from Watford to Keighley to replace the existing escalator-making facility.

The changes are part of a proposed reorganisation of KONE's UK manufacturing activities.

The Finland-based company says it is reacting to changes in the market, and must remain competitive. Details of the proposals were revealed today to the Keighley News by KONE's UK human resources boss.

HR director Kevin Dwyer spoke after we wrote about fears over the future of the company's factory in Keighley.

Mr Dwyer said about 320 people worked at the KONE complex - formerly O&K Escalators - which is visible from the Victoria Park roundabout.

The majority are not in the manufacturing side of the business: Keighley is also home to KONE's national training centre, national call centre and regional administration centre.

The training, call centre and administration jobs are not affected by the new proposals.

The proposals affect 59 people in Keighley responsible for manufacturing escalators, and also KONE's loading bay manufacturing facility in Watford.

Mr Dwyer admitted there would be some job losses but said some workers might be able to take on other roles. He said the proposals were not set in stone, and negotiations were due to begin with the Unite union, which represents the Keighley workers.

Mr Dwyer stressed that the intention was not to close the Keighley factory.

He said: "We are proposing to retain the factory as a manufacturing facility for the UK customers."

"Like any organisation we are constantly assessing the needs of our customers. Customers are being more demanding in terms of quality and delivery."

Mr Dwyer said one of the proposals was to move the manufacture of loading bay equipment from Watford to Keighley.

KONE employs 32,000 people worldwide making and servicing escalators, lifts and loading bays.

The Keighley workers have in recent years provided escalators for London Underground and Heathrow Airport.

Financial news service Bloomberg this week reported that KONE had a strong balance sheet and in the first half of 2009 had 6.9 per cent sales But in recent months sales growth has lowered, and the company is having to adapt to lower demand The firm, Europe's third-largest elevator maker, plans to cut 40 million euros in spending and 500 jobs worldwide by next year.

Earlier this week KONE issued a statement to say it had made an internal announcement to its UK employees.

The spokesman said: "KONE is proposing to restructure its global escalator production undertaken in Keighley and its loading bay equipment manufacturing activity carried out in Watford.

"A number of employees are affected by the proposal and are currently in a period of consultation."

Unite representative Mark Fieldhouse told the Keighley News that KONE had proposed to close its Keighley supply line, meaning its manufacturing facility.

He said: "At the moment we know nothing else and it's only at the proposal stage.

"We haven't started any consultation with the company. Unite is the recognised union. We have members there."