Denholme is a popular haunt for spooks according to a district-wide ghost trail.

Bradford Ghost Hunters’ Journal reveals the town is the site of at least five hauntings.

They include a headless policeman, a white mist, a ghostly Roman legion and the vengeful spirit of an old woman.

The trail also includes several Haworth ghosts — including Emily Brontë The Ghost Hunters’ Journal is part of a website devoted to paranormal occurrences in the Bradford area.

The website’s authors claim to uphold a 200-year-old tradition as investigators of the paranormal in Bradford.

The trail includes scrubland off Station Road, Denholme, a place where many residents allegedly will not venture after dark.

The website says: “For no apparent reason, a feeling of inexplicable terror has been felt by many people going there.”

A flat in Carperley Crescent is allegedly haunted by an old woman who died alone. The website said: “The woman’s vengeful spirit was well known to locals in the late 1990s.

“Reports suggest many inexplicable happenings together with a number of orbs seen flying around in the evening.”

Denholme’s Royal pub is reputedly home to a white mist seen floating around a fireplace.

A headless policeman is said to ride across fields towards St Paul’s Church, at Denholme Gate, and a ghostly Roman legion walks along the side of Old Road. The trail suggests Emily Brontë’s ghost has been seen in a Main Street pub and near the Brontë Falls.

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