The ghost of a Victorian girl is believed to be haunting a Haworth club.

Members of Parkside Social Club claim to have seen a girl, aged about five or six, in a Victorian-style coat and hat. Others working in the building alone have heard footsteps upstairs sounding just like a child running.

The experiences have come as the club, in Butt Lane, expands following a period of low membership.

Several months ago the long-established club was closed two days a week due to lack of support.

New members and extra customers have been accompanied by new lagers, a new pool team and extra function bookings.

Members are now looking to the past as well as the future thanks to the number of spooky incidents.

Shona Grange, one of the volunteers, said a few months ago several people heard the footsteps at the same time.

She said: “We all heard it, so two groups split up and went up the front and back stairs.

“It was all secure and nobody was there. Other people have said they thought there was a ghost in the building and reported the noises. They genuinely sound like a child running.”

Mrs Grange said that last month people saw the Victorian girl at the same time, in the room with the pool table. She said: “A few people have been scared to go in there but not our youngest daughter Keziah, who is ten.

“After our anniversary party, she left her balloon in the room for the girl ghost to play with!”

Mrs Grange’s research showed that the club venue, the former Institute, was once used as a schoolroom.

She wants to hear from anyone who knows the history of the building, or has equipment able to detect ghosts. She can be contacted on