An energy company boss has defended proposals for a wind farm on green fields amid criticism it will be a “disaster” for the area.

Phil Dyke, chief executive of Banks Renewables, spelled out plans to residents for a proposed wind farm on Thornton Moor, near Denholme. The plans are for up to six turbines, the tallest measuring 125 metres, near the Ovenden Moor wind farm operated by Yorkshire Wind Power.

Critics have described the proposals as being a “blight” on picturesque countryside. But Mr Dyke said: “This has the potential to power 8,000 houses with turbines producing clean energy.

“This is what we are talking to local people and the planning authorities in Bradford about.”

The wind farm would mean more home-produced energy, cutting the need for gas and oil imported from abroad, lowering energy bills, he said. It would also create jobs in the region, although it was not yet clear how many.

A public exhibition was held last week and a planning application is expected to be submitted to Bradford Council in about a year to 18 months.

But Anthea Orchard, of Halifax Road, Denholme Gate, is campaigning against the turbines. She has started a Facebook campaign and Thornton Moor Wind Farm Action Group.

She said: “At the exhibition they couldn’t tell us anything, even where the wind turbines would be.

“Everyone came out angry and frustrated.

“We feel that our community has already made a sacrifice with Yorkshire Wind Power developing Ovenden Moor. The skyline is going to be littered with turbines.”

Shipley Tory MP Philip Davies, whose constituency includes Denholme, is supporting opposition to the wind farm. He said: “I am against wind farms on rural land because I am concerned that these things are a blight on the countryside.

“I am not particularly opposed to wind power out at sea but I don’t see it as a great environmental advantage on land. It is not going to solve the energy needs.

“We would need turbines on every patch of grass in the whole country to do that.”