A car salesman has narrowly escaped jail for hurling racist abuse at a woman shopper and dragging her along with his vehicle.

Mohammed Hussain, 21, lost his self-control in a disgraceful case of “car park rage”, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Hussain, of Banks Lane, Riddlesden, pleaded guilty to a racially-aggravated public order offence and careless driving.

Hussain swore at Ginette Brumfitt and racially insulted her on the Netto car park, in Keighley, on August 27 last year.

She had scolded him for driving too fast on the car park.

When Miss Brumfitt tried to take a photo of Hussain’s silver BMW on her phone, he knocked it out of her hand into the vehicle.

As she went to retrieve it, he drove off, dragging her alongside the car, the court heard.

Judge Peter Benson branded the offences “disgraceful” and told Hussain that he could consider himself lucky not to be sent to jail for them.

Hussain was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with 180 hours’ unpaid work.