An historic but rundown Haworth building is to receive £15,000 from English Heritage.

The money is being provided for the grade II-listed Old School Room and will fund the replacement of windows as a first step towards repairing the rest of the property.

The Old School Room was built by Patrick Bronte in 1832 and was extended in 1850 and 1871. The building housed a school where Mr Bronte’s children Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell worked as teachers.

Charity group Bronte Spirit has been campaigning to have the property restored. Currently, it is only partly used as the roof is in poor condition.

Responding to the English Heritage grant, Bronte Spirit chairman Averil Kenyon said: “We’ve progressed from a position where Haworth Parish Church had to consider selling the building as a possible building development site to one of seeing the restoration project become a reality.

“Now we’re a registered charity, have a 25-year lease on the building and have been engaged in meaningful discussions with English Heritage not only about its restoration but about creating a sustainable future for it.

“We have plans to open the building to the public from mid-July until the end of August. These are exciting times for Bronte Spirit and the Old School Room and we’re now extremely hopeful that not only will we be able to restore this wonderful building to its former glory but also to find a use that will sustain it over many years to come.

“We’ve been working very closely with English Heritage and would like to thank them for their support for our project.”

An English Heritage spokesman said: “The building’s rundown appearance harms the village and the impression left on its many visitors. The grant will go towards new windows for the building’s main elevation to replace those that have been ravaged by years of harsh Pennine winter weather.

“Talks have been taking place between us and Bronte Spirit about the complete restoration and future of the building, and a development grant is being considered so a wider repair project can be moved forward.”

Trevor Mitchell, planning director for English Heritage in Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “The Old School Room in Haworth is a very special place indeed. We’re delighted to be able to take this first step towards securing a future for the building and working with Bronte Spirit to truly celebrate Haworth’s literary past.

“This grant is part of a wider commitment from us to help the village become a must-see visitor attraction in the years to come.”