AN ARTIST who encouraged Haworth visitors to write a new Wuthering Heights manuscript is now working at the Tate Modern.

Clare Twomey is preparing an innovative installation at the renowned London art gallery that will see visitors ‘working’ in a ceramics factory.

Clare visited the Brontë Parsonage Museum earlier this year to create a replacement to Emily Brontë’s original long-lost manuscript of Wuthering Heights.

Throughout this year visitors are being invited to each hand-write a line of the novel in a special bound book.

The completed manuscript is due to go on show in 2018 when the museum celebrates the 200th anniversary of Emily’s birth.

Clare has moved onto the Tate Modern for the forthcoming The Seen And The Unseen project which will explore themes of production and collective labour.

Her ceramics factory will feature eight tonnes of clay, a 30-metre production line and more than 2,000 fired objects.