PEOPLE across Keighley are being urged to take extra care as a wintry blast heads this way.

Snow showers and freezing temperatures are forecast over the next few days.

And health experts from NHS England warn people, particularly the elderly, to take extra precautions to avoid slips and falls.

Medical director Paul Twomey said: "Firstly, people – especially the elderly – should think about whether their journey is absolutely necessary before venturing out. Is there someone who could pick-up your groceries for you so you don't need to make that journey?

"If you do need to go out, make sure you wear appropriate footwear which supports the ankle and has a good grip, don't rush and stick to the paths.

"At this time of year we see an increase in injuries sustained by people slipping on the ice. Ensuring you stay vigilant can mean you avoid a hospital stay over the Christmas period."

Motorists are also warned to be extra careful, particularly on higher-level and untreated roads.