CROSS Roads man George Brown went above and beyond in his bid to help people trapped by snow.

The self-employed builder from Haworth Road spent much of last week ferrying patients to and from the district’s three hospitals.

Unable to carry out his regular work due to the wintry weather, he decided to make good use of his four-wheel drive vehicle were giving something back to the community.

At the height of the blizzards he posted a message on Facebook urging anyone to contact him if they needed to fulfil hospital appointments or work shifts.

Mr Brown, 36, spent many hours transporting people to from Airedale Hospital, Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital.

His desire to help was triggered by the assistance he himself received from emergency services following a fire in the kitchen of his house in January this year.

He was awoken when his family dog began barking loudly and came downstairs to discover the kitchen and dining room ablaze.

While the fire was contained to the back of the property, the entire house has been affected by smoke damage and his family have been living in hotels or temporary accommodation.

After Mr Brown issued his offer last week, he was inundated with requests, not only from the Bradford district, but further afield in Huddersfield and Wakefield.

His continuous journeys included taking one renal nurse to their workplace at 6am, taking a girl from her Keighley home to Airedale General and making various drop-offs at St Luke’s Hospital and BRI.

Mr Brown said: “I have been all over. I got up at 5.30am to get my car ready for the road. I just decided to help others.

“The night before I did it I was thinking about what I could do to help the emergency services. I put the message up and it went absolutely crackers.”

One of those to benefit from his kindness was Nicola Tate, 37, of Greengates. She suffers from end stage renal failure and has special needs, and has dialysis treatment at St Luke’s three times a week.

Her mother got stuck in the snow trying to take her to St Luke’s and then messaged Mr Brown, who arrived at their home and had transported her to hospital within an hour yesterday morning. He also picked her up after her appointment.

Her sister, Zoe McNulty, said: “We are so grateful to him for doing this. He deserves all of the credit he gets.

“He has not taken a single penny and was using his own car.”