MP Philip Davies has fired back at what he calls a “stitch-up” by a stand-up comic and BBC Three political series presenter.

The incident concerned an aborted interview for a forthcoming “political programme”. It occurred after comedian Luisa Omielan secured an interview with Mr Davies, whose Shipley constituency includes Cullingworth and Denholme, at his Westminster office.

The interview was for her first BBC weekly series Politics for Bitches. The series is described by the Corporation as: “part sexy Question Time, part documentary and part comedy gig”.

However, the interview did not go to plan and instead, Ms Omielan accused Mr Davies of being rude, pushing her and slamming his office door so she could not get out.

She presented a video after the interview which she shared on her Facebook page.

She says: “Went to interview Philip Davies this morning for Politics for Bitches. He is an MP. I asked him about how he sits with the country when it feels divided with Brexit, NHS cuts and homelessness.

"He said my opinion was warped and demanded my facts and figures for NHS cuts. His mic wasn’t working at which point he pulled it off and started calling me names, most of which were ‘you extreme left wing Corbynista with a BBC agenda’.”

Ms Omielan said Mr Davies tried to grab the camera and “shoved her a bit” and “slammed” the door shut so she could not get out.

She said she escaped by running down the fire escape with the camera.”

Mr Davies said about the incident: “This was a complete and utter left-wing stitch up and anyone reading her account can see it doesn’t even make sense.

"I ended the interview – which in itself was extremely insulting about Yorkshire Conservatives as well as making outrageously incorrect political assertions – and told her that I was going to complain to Lord Hall at the BBC, which I did.

“I can only presume she decided to get her retaliation in first because I told her that. Anyway, as an unknown who has manufactured some publicity for herself, she will no doubt consider it a great success.

“Lord Hall’s PA replied earlier to say he would look into it, but her allegations have probably ensured that they do nothing about my complaint.”

When asked if he categorically denied pushing her and stopping her from leaving he said: “Yes, of course I do. I should have trusted my instincts as I originally refused her request for an interview. Her production company persuaded me to change my mind by saying it was for the BBC and that there was no axe to grind, it was just a chat about politics.

“After one question I knew that wasn’t the case.”

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Shipley Jo Pike said: “These allegations are very serious indeed and anyone watching the video could see how visibly shaken and upset Ms Omielan was.”

The BBC has been approached for a comment and Ms Omielan has been asked for a statement to clarify her allegations.