A SESSION in a Keighley community centre has set out to help bring the benefits of using digital technology to older people.

The event in the Sangat Centre, in Lawkholme, was arranged by the charity Age Concern.

A spokesman for Sangat explained that the course was laid on for people who attend the facility's day centre.

She added: "Our service users practised how to use devices such as iPads, mobiles, and laptops. And they were also shown how to familiarise themselves with touch screens.

"They were intrigued by what was on offer and picked up some valuable skills which will improve their quality of life.

"The session has given them confidence in how to use technology, and the whole group was impressed by what was a very valuable and well attended course.

"All the participants were awarded with certificates on February 19, at a presentation in Sangat staged by the Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Abid Hussain."