KEEP fit fans will be dancing in the dark tonight (March 8) at a Keighley music venue to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Members of the Bootyful Fitness club are inviting people to have a drink while watching their ‘Clubbercise’ marathon at the Octagon club in Bradford Road, Sandbeds.

The 20 members of the club have already raised £3,000 in advance of the event.

On a normal club night they carry out 45 minutes of high-intensity dance exercises, but this time they will combine four sessions one after the other with just 15 minutes’ break between each.

Spokesman Gemma Smith said: “We will be doing our best moves in the dark, glow sticks in hand to show the big C we aren’t afraid of him, and instead he should be afraid of our sweet dance moves!

“It’ll be really fun but also very hard for the team so we’ll all be doing lots of training in the run up to the event to get through it.”

The Clubbercise will begin at 6pm and there will be a raffle, cake stand, bar and disco atmosphere.

Visit to donate to the cause.