TRANSPORT representatives have discussed how to help prevent heavy goods vehicles falling foul of an arched railway bridge over a Keighley street.

Members of Keighley Public Transport Watch raised the issue, which relates to the bridge that carries the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (K&WVR) over Low Mill Lane.

Councillor Michael Westerman, of Keighley Town Council's watch and transport committee, said even though the centre of the bridge is 13 feet high, the tight bend in the road at his point and the cars parked on the kerbside make it difficult if not impossible for big lorries to approach at the right angle to get under the bridge.

Michael Tarran, one of the K&WVR's directors, said: "We could do with a sign warning wagons of this at the top of Low Mill Lane, at the junction with Bradford Road.

"If a 40-foot articulated lorry can't get under the bridge they have a very long distance to reverse all the way back to Bradford Road."

Graham Mitchell, of the Keighley Station Partnership, said it may help to implement parking restrictions at the bend on the approach to the bridge, to give lorry drivers a better chance to position their vehicles correctly to get under the arch.

He said double yellow lines would be needed to make sure cars do not park here.