YEADON-Guiseley Motor Club trials rider Ben Yeadon ended up in Airedale General Hospital on Sunday with multiple injuries after a freak crash on the access track to the trials course at Upwood Farm, East Morton.

It is thought that Yeadon, from Boston Spa, hit a frozen patch of the track as he set off on his second lap with his father Mark, who was following him during the Cobb & Jagger Trophy Trial.

Yeadon and his Acklam Beta somersaulted into the boundary wall and then rolled down the track. An ambulance arrived very quickly and two paramedics administered first aid, including an oxygen mask to aid his breathing.

At Airedale Hospital the diagnosis revealed one broken rib and five cracked vertebrae, plus multiple deep cuts and bruises. He was discharged on Sunday evening.

The novice trialler has an appointment with a fracture specialist in Harrogate Hospital this week.

Faceby specialist woodworker Guy Kendrew won the annual event, run by Yeadon-Guiseley, ahead of Dan Thorpe and Richard Sadler on the main course, where top youth Bellerby’s Ryan Brown just contained Bradford’s Joe Faunthorpe.


Experts: 1 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 2. 2 Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) 3, 3 Richard Sadler (Beta) 6.

Inters: 1 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 17, 2 Louis Haley (Montesa) 42.

Novices: 1 Boyd Webster (Beta) 47, 2 William Tolson (Beta) 65, 3 Jake Eley (Beta) 125.

Youth Class A: 1 Ryan Brown (Beta) 62, 2 Joe Faunthorpe (Beta) 90, 3 Guy Stones (Beta) 111.

Clubman A: 1 Gavin Black (Sherco) 10, 2 Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 14, 3 Stuart Blythe (Beta) 19.

Youth Class B: 1 Alice Minta (Beta) 58, 1 Joe Child (Beta) 71, 3 Henry Stephenson (Beta) 81.

Clubman B: 1 Paul Gravestock (Scorpa|) 9, 2 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 12, 3 Steven Bailey (Honda) 16.

Youth Class C: Max Marston (Gas Gas) 147.

Small Wheels

Hard course: 1 Max Lampkin (Beta) 30, 2 Harrison Lightfoot (Oset) 69, 3 Alfie Carney (Oset) 70.

Middle course: 1 Poppy Fletcher (Oset) 47, 2 Bobby Crabtree (Oset) 49, 3 Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 65.

Easy course: 1 Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 3, 2 Harvey Davison (Beta) 7, 3 Aiden Richardson (Oset 23