A LARGE contingent of Keighley-based athletes competed in the Special Olympics at City of Birmingham and they returned to West Yorkshire with an incredible 50 medals between them.

The Bradford Disability Sports and Leisure members, who train at University Academy Keighley, are showing off their ability and going from strength to strength, with their success seeing them invited to top division events.

The team, which is predominantly made up of Keighley athletes, are now preparing for a high-level competition in London on October 21.

James Crossley was the stand out star in the Midlands, landing a treble gold with wins in the 800m and 1,500m and success in the shot put. Nathan Mitchell also shone with golds in the 100m and 200m events and silver in the long jump.

Maddie Edmonds won a trio of silver medals in those events too, while Mollie Gaddas picked up one of each colour, earning gold in the long jump, silver in the 200m and bronze in the 100m.

Emma Knights, William Heath and T-Jay Wilson also won three medals apiece at the event, while there were golds for Bradford's A, C and D teams in the relay.

Coach Janet Arkwright said: "These athletes struggle so hard just to train so they are testament to how hard work and commitment pays off, I couldn't have been any more proud of all of them."

Those wanting to join the athletics team can attend training on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7pm and can contact Arkwright on 07756 560765. Anyone aged eight years and over can join.

Full Results:

James Crossley: 1,500-metre gold, 800m gold, shot put gold; Mohammed Az Qureshi: 1,500m silver, 800m third, LJ gold; Sam Robinson: 800m silver, 800m fifth, LJ gold; Harry Bowness: 1,500m gold, 800m silver, LJ fourth; William Heath: 200m silver, shot put gold, SLJ third; Josh Pullen: 200m gold, 100m gold, LJ personal best; Alex Maszyr: 200m fourth, 100m bronze, SBall silver; Malachy Balson: 200m Bronze, 100m fifth, LJ silver; Dylan Lightowler: 200m fifth, 100m silver, LJ gold; Owen Sangster: 200m fourth, LJ fourth, 100m fourth; T-Jay Wilson: 200m bronze, 100m bronze, LJ silver; Aidan Knights: 200m fifth, 100m gold, LJ bronze; Robbie Cliffe: 200m fifth, 100m gold, LJ fourth; Henry Ackroyd: 200m silver, 100m fifth, shot put fourth; Joseph Mitchell: 200m fifth, 100m sixth, LJ fourth; Nathan Mitchell: 100m gold, 200m gold, LJ silver; Nathan Omara: 200m fourth, 100m fourth, LJ fifth; Seth Balson: 50m gold, SBall personal best, SLJ gold; Dexter Edmonds: SBall gold, LJ gold; Farrish-Nyial Arkwright: 100m fourth, SBall personal best, LJ silver; Maddie Edmonds: 200m silver, 100m silver, LJ silver; Mollie Gaddas: 200m silver, 100m bronze, LJ gold; Evie Gaddas: 100m fourth, shot put silver, SLJ gold; Emma Knights 100m silver, shot put bronze, SLJ gold.


Bradford A gold: Joseph Mitchell, Henry Ackroyd, Nathan Omara, Nathan Mitchell; Bradford B fourth: Harry Bowness, Mohammed Az Qureshi, T-Jay Wilson, Robbie Cliffe; Bradford C gold: Aidan Knights, James Crossley, Owen Sangster, Sam Robinson; Bradford D gold: Farrish-Nyial Arkwright, Dylan Lightowler, Josh Pullen, Malachy Balson; Bradford E fifth: Alex Maszyr, Seth Balson, William Heath, Dexter Edmonds.