A SILSDEN boxer won a heavyweight prizefight in Mansfield on Friday.

Danny Whitaker, 27, dispatched three opponents in a eight-man, winner take all, prize fighter tournament with the best heavyweights across the country on the semi-pro scene.

Danny, who has lived in Silsden all his life, said: "As a kid I boxed at Keighley Amateur Boxing Club and had five fights. I've been back boxing for nearly three years now after a long break from the sport.

"Since I have been back boxing as a senior, I have had 19 fights, winning 18 and 11 by knockout on the semi-professional scene."

He's trained with coach Paul Newby at NCAA gym in Silsden and has boxed in fights at Sunnybank Social Club in Silsden, won a fight abroad in Malta earlier this year and on Friday travelled to Mansfield for the prizefight.

"The first fight I got drawn with a Mansfield lad who himself had a lot of experience boxing," said Danny. "I put him down once in the first round and eventually finished him off in the second round with with a big right hand.

"In the semi-final I was drawn against another well experienced opponent who had boxed in the Queensbury Boxing League in London. I won this fight with a early knockout within the first minute, which put me straight through to the final.

"The final was a big fight against another tough opponent who himself had to go through two big tests to reach the final. He was also a Mansfield lad, and I was the away fighter against the crowd.

"I managed to win the fight on points, and won every round and dropped my opponent in the second round with a solid left hook."

Danny, who described the win as a "massive achievement", received £1,000 in prize money and the ultimate heavyweight belt.

Danny's aim now is to fight in a show on December 1 at the Motor Point Arena in Nottingham and then turn professional in the new year .