Leeds V 3 Airedale II 2

AIREDALE Hockey Club's Ladies Seconds began the match with a flying start, challenging the Leeds defence immediately.

Nifty passes between team-mates secured an early lead for Airedale with Adele Haughey scoring the opener.

However, Leeds soon retaliated and Claire Spiller found herself outnumbered by the Leeds attack allowing them to take an accurate shot which was just out of reach for goalkeeper Lindsey Carey.

Further advances from Leeds soon earned them another goal to take the lead.

Undeterred, Airedale responded with dominating performances in midfield from Emma Peel and Georgina Fort.

Once the ball was back in Airedale’s possession, Hollie Ogden advanced into the D where she scored the equaliser.

Claire Simons led Airedale as captain and consistently delivered passes up the pitch, Agnes Simons was the recipient of one and drove the ball up the right wing and into the D. She took an impressive elevated shot which narrowly went over the crossbar.

The second half saw the home team take an early lead, but thanks to the defensive efforts of Anne Stone and Hattie Bradley, Airedale would not be beaten again.

Spiller created further opportunities with ferocious hit outs where determined efforts from Fort and Beth Cook went denied by the Leeds goalkeeper.