Airedale II 1

Pudsey I 6

CAPTAIN Fern Godrey returned from injury to lead Airedale against league leaders Pudsey.

It was a challenging match from the offset with Pudsey intent on the attack.

Pressure mounted quickly on the Airedale defence and within the first half Pudsey took their advantage to a 4-0 lead.

Midfielders Samantha Melsome-Smith and Lizzie Kendrick put in yards to support the defence and get the ball back into Airedale’s possession.

Agnes Simons received a ball on the counter attack and drove it tirelessly up the right wing and delivered it across the D to Adele Haughey but was cleared by the Pudsey goalkeeper before Airedale could cause a threat.

In the second half, Airedale came back more collected and confident.

Claire Spiller and Anne Stone defended a barrage of shots allowing only two more goals to get through goalkeeper Lindsey Carey.

Encouraging play up the left wing by Katie Barber and Beth Cook created chances which gave Airedale a sudden succession of attempts in the D, earning them a short corner. Determined to keep up the momentum, Claire Simons chased the rebound but a devastating collision caused her to be taken off through injury.

Alex Fryer eased the deficit with a powerful goal which gave Airedale a much-needed boost but with only five minutes left of the game it was too little too late.