AIRE Valley Martial Arts coach and Warrior Woman co-founder Jackie Harper completed her last training session with the rest of Team England ahead of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) World Championships in Bahrain.

The 2017 IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain broke participation records for a MMA tournament with close to 250 athletes representing 48 competing nations.

Jackie. along with the rest of a strong and optimistic Team England, will be aiming straight for the gold.

The nation vs nation tournament will play out across five days throughout this week, with 14 weight divisions, and take place under the Unified Amateur MMA Rules.

Jackie won gold at the UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nation Masters Championships and will be using her grappling base as a building block for her matches at the event.

Grappling is often a deciding factor in MMA matches so to be a high level competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You can keep up with Jackie’s progress on the Warrior Woman Facebook page and attend any of her classes at Aire Valley Martial Arts.