University of Leeds VI 4

Airedale II 1

IT was a game of two halves as Airedale took on the University of Leeds.

Yet another match began with a deficit of Airedale players and as a consequence it did not take long for Leeds to take advantage.

Centre-back Claire Spiller repeatedly threw herself into the firing line to make some essential clearances, but even with this defiance Leeds scored three goals.

Airedale goalkeeper Claire White scored an own goal for good measure, ensuring Leeds were four up at half-time.

However, Airedale didn’t cave in easily as Georgie Fort threatened the home team with her skilful drives up the pitch.

A positional change at half-time allowed Lindsey Carey to play in her preferred role as a defender and put Anne Stone up front as an unlikely striker.

Both players excelled in this half which paid off, as Airedale continued to control possession.

The determined force of Claire Simons kept the momentum alive as she diligently passed the ball to Agnes Simons on the right wing, who created some excellent chances, narrowly missing the goal herself.

Consolation came as Adele Haughey received a ball in the D and took a shot which deflected off a Leeds defender after a miscommunication with the goalkeeper.

Further attempts followed but the solid second half could not make up for the shortfall of the first.