GRAYLING fishing has improved over the past week. These lovely fish are holding several positions along the River Aire as they wait for the swollen waters to flush fresh food downstream.

They can be found shoaling in swift moving waters from Kildwick to Stockbridge.

The quicksilver colour of grayling makes them hard to spot, even in the shallows, and they are likely to see you before you find them. Those looking to catch are advised to move stealthily along the bank.

One angler was seen testing his trotting skills by paying out line from a centre-pin to allow his bait to run freely with the flow.

Trotting can cover over 50 metres with a single cast and is an ideal way to find grayling and other camouflaged species.

Winter also marks the season to target brooding pike which lurk in our waters. They inhabit the canal as well as Roberts Pond and Whitfield Reservoir at Steeton.

But the River Aire, which is a renowned home to some of the most fin-perfect pike in the UK, is an exciting challenge to new and experienced anglers alike.

Some notable takes have been recorded on the canal. Roach are shoaling and are susceptible to bread punch and mixed maggot - which are also the preferred choice of perch.

Keighley club’s day tickets and membership books are now available. The cost of fishing its waters is unchanged from last year so anyone looking for a last minute Christmas gift should contact club secretary Dennis Freeman on 07980 338225.