Airedale II 2

Tadcaster Magnets II 1

IT looked as though Tadcaster would have the advantage in this match as Airedale went out on to the pitch without a goalkeeper.

Claire Spiller stepped up to take the role of kick back where she would play protection-free in a dangerous space. Her fellow defenders communicated effectively to secure the line where Liv Roberts made endless clearances.

Lindsey Carey covered the ball at right back and Fern Godfrey supported as sweeper.

Jill Petrucci made an impact on her debut making attacking play up the left wing. On the right flank, Agnes Simons caused problems for the Tadcaster defence.

Airedale thought they had taken the lead when Mia Petrucci knocked the ball over the line but the goal was disallowed due to a back of stick foul.

This disappointment was soon forgotten, however, as the force of Ruth Butler drove the ball to the top of D and cracked the ball straight into the goal to open the scoring.

The second half saw Tadcaster battle back but once again Airedale’s strategic defence secured the line.

Lesley Leach continued to mark the opposition while finding opportunities to drive the ball upfield herself.

Claire Simons dominated the pitch incessantly and made vital crosses into the D where Adele Haughey eventually succeeded in securing the home team a second goal.

Tensions rose as Tadcaster earned short corners, without a goalkeeper the Airedale defence remained at a disadvantage but they continued to play fearlessly with Spiller even stopping a ball with her head.

Tadcaster persevered and eventually earned themselves a goal, but with the arrival of Emma Peel, Airedale remained in control to win the game.