CROSSFLATTS Village talisman Lee Bailey looks extremely likely to miss this Sunday’s West Riding County FA Sunday Cup Quarter-Final after suffering from extreme sunburn, dehydration and exhaustion while on holiday in the West Indies.

Bailey looked a forlorn figure on Sunday night as he spent the night in a Barbados hospital.

The 39-year-old midfielder was due to fly back to the UK on Wednesday but it is touch and go whether he will be given a “fit to fly” certificate from Dr Haynes, who is looking after him.

Dr Haynes said: “Mr Bailey’s injuries are very serious and I need to keep an eye on him before discharge him.

"We cannot take any chances. I expect to keep him here until at least Tuesday afternoon and then I will see if he is fit to be discharged in time for his scheduled flight back home to the UK.”

Bailey, who is supposed to be enjoying a trip of a lifetime watching the England cricket team with his mother Ann and his wife Steph, is understandably devastated with his doctor’s diagnosis.

He said: “This was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime.

"It started off well; I was seen on Sky Sports every five minutes at the cricket, the sun was shining, the rum and cokes were flowing, and from then it’s turned into a complete nightmare.

"The cricket team then got spanked (by the West Indies in the first Test match) and now I’m laid up in this hospital bed and I’m bored stiff, dehydrated, red raw, and shattered.

"If I miss Wednesday’s flight, there’s no chance in me getting back in time to get match fit and ready for Sunday’s County Cup game, and that would be a massive body blow. I cannot wait to get out of here and for this hell to be over.”

Village manager Kevin Gill said: “This isn’t what we need heading into the biggest game of the season.

"I am just hoping that Lee’s doctor can perform miracles, get him fit enough to fly home on Wednesday and then it’s in Lee’s hands if he can get himself ready for next Sunday.

"We really could do with him firing on all cylinders next weekend.”

Bradford Sunday Alliance Premier Division contenders Village travel to Leeds City Rovers on Sunday, and they will be looking to reach the semi-final stage of the County Cup for the second consecutive season.