King Cross Park u15s 12

Keighley Albion u15s 16

PLAYED in changing weather conditions, Keighley Albion Under-15s, 12 players ground out a thrilling victory over perennial rivals King Cross Park.

While the hosts had the bigger side, Albion tore in with some big hits to force errors. However, a mistake let King Cross take the lead.

Albion hit back when the industrious Evan Jones burst through close to the line. Not long after, quick hands saw Laurie Akroyd cut back against the grain to power through tackles giving the visitors the lead at half time.

Albion were quickly into their stride and, after a great kick from Harrison Clamp penned the hosts close to their line, and after some ferocious tackling forced a mistake, Clamp took advantage soon after and forced his way over.

King Cross hit back with a try, however, after Reece Smollens super break from acting half, Clamp added his second, crashing over from the ruck.

King Cross scored near the end but Albion resiliently held firm to take the win.