Airedale II 1

City of York VI 2

AIREDALE’S Sarah Marsh and Mia Petrucci were quite the dream team in the opening half of this Yorkshire Division One clash by working the right wing and feeding the ball through to forwards Lindsey Carey and Adele Haughey.

A series of attempts on goal appeared promising for Airedale but the York goalkeeper denied all chances.

Airedale earned a short corner where Naomi Foster took a brilliant strike but unluckily went just wide.

As the first half drew in, York took advantage on the counter and broke away to secure the opener.

The second half showed an increased level of determination from the home team.

Player-of-the-match Emma Peel had a magnificent game with her dominance in midfield and assistance with propelling the ball forward.

The increased attack eventually came to fruition when Rebecca Studholme scored the equaliser.

Towards the end of the second half, City of York had an opportunity to attack.

They were awarded a long corner which they converted to earn the winner.

Airedale quickly countered and several more shots on goal were attempted.

A last-minute short corner gave Airedale some late hope, but the attempt was not enough to break the visitors’ defence.