Airedale II 4

Adel V 1

IT was a lacklustre start to the match where both teams were batting the ball back and forth, up and down the pitch.

Hosts Airedale’s attack failed to win balls that were struck upfield by defenders Claire Spiller and Faye Beedle.

Adel made a couple of attempts which were excellently saved by first-time goalkeeper Ruth Butler.

Liv Roberts shone at left-back making exceptional clearances and striking the ball up the wing to Karen Greenhorn, who nimbly outran the opposition.

Katie Armitage made an impression on the right wing by being a constant challenge to Adel. However, the visitors eventually managed to break away to take the lead.

Airedale re-emerged in the second half with a renewed confidence.

Charlotte Hutchinson was instrumental in creating space and delivering promising passes.

Georgie Fort boldly took possession where she crossed an incredible cross to Adele Haughey who converted the equaliser.

Shortly afterwards, Fort made yet another outstanding assist where, this time, Sam Fawcett advanced the lead with an accurate goal.

Lesley Leach worked tirelessly in midfield to maintain the momentum. Fort soon found herself on the scoresheet as she landed a goal on the reverse stick.

Adel’s few chances in the second half proved easy work for defenders Anne Stone and Lindsey Carey.

In the closing minutes Fort found herself with another opportunity where she earned a fourth goal and secured a win for Airedale.