TWO of the most memorable English strikers of the nineties and noughties have been showing their support to Steeton on social media, as the club attempt get everything in order to ensure their ground move to Marley next season goes ahead.

Former Bradford City striker Dean Windass and Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler have been on Twitter encouraging local businesses to get in touch with and help out the Chevrons, who have until March 31 to ensure that their new ground meets the FA's grading criteria.

Keighley Cougars have been allowing Steeton to play at Cougar Park over the last two seasons, but with the club now looking to focus solely on rugby league, they served a six-month notice period on the footballers in October.

Steeton cannot play at the Step Six level they are currently at without a suitable new ground, so although Bradford Council are allowing them to become anchor tenants at Marley, the club will have to make sure the venue is up to scratch as soon as possible.