IT has been a busy week at Branshaw Golf Club in Oakworth, where the Winter League Four Man Team event on Sunday saw a fierce fight for first place.

It was P. Buxton, D. Mullan, B. Laughlin and A. Thornton who came out on top with 78 points, but R. Sands, M. Phillips, T. Godfrey and M. Rendell finished just behind with 76.

The final standings were:

1st: P. Buxton, D. Mullan, B. Laughlin & A .Thornton 78pts

2nd: R. Sands, M. Phillips, T. Godfrey & M. Rendell 76pts

3rd: M. O’Neill, I. O’Neill, J. Copperwaite & R. Sunderland 74pts

4th: D. O’Driscoll, G. Williams, A. Salanyk & B. Wilthew 74pts

5th: S. Hargreaves, N. Lockley, M. Chapman & J. Dickinson 74pts

6th: S. Walton, D. Metcalfe, N. Innes & S. Summerskill 73pts

7th: P. Hollindrake, D. Bairstow, G. Abbey & T. Hollindrake 72pts

8th: S. Hoyle, D. Tetley, D. Hoyle & T. Hennigan 70pts

9th: A. Greenwood, D. Hamer, L. Holland & D. Armstrong 70pts

10th: T. Fairclough, C. Seward & P. Russell 67pts

Meanwhile in the previous day's Saturday Thrash, the results were:

1st: N. Lockley & J. Haigh 40pts

2nd: D. O’Driscoll & M. Wilson 40pts

3rd: D. Phillips & C. Seward 38pts

4th: N. Pickles & L. Abbott 38pts

The club has thanked all members that have collected their 2020 Subscriptions invoices already, and said that the remaining invoices have now been posted.

Branshaw have scheduled the re-arranged Bradford Alliance event for tomorrow, between 8am and 1:30pm.

On Friday, Branshaw will be holding a private party from 7pm onwards but it should be business as usual from then on.

There is another Thrash scheduled for Saturday, while the following day will see players competing for the Winter League Individual Medal (Double Points).

For the Mother’s Day event on Sunday, please book early to confirm your place with Sharon and Emma.

And for the children’s Easter Party on April 12, please add your child’s name to the list with Sharon and Emma.

You can email any queries you may have to: