IN the third of our Bradford sports stars questionnaires, the inspirational Cara Harbourne tells us about how taekwondo has helped her manage cystic fibrosis, looking up to the Brownlee brothers and a motto she lives her life by.

Name: Cara Harbourne

Date of Birth: 05-02-2005

Area I live: Keighley

Schools/colleges/uni I attend: Beckfoot Oakbank

Team/club I compete for: Horizon Taekwondo Academy

Selected trophies won or honours gained: Gold: Yorkshire Open Championships 2015. Silver: Yorkshire Open Championships 2014; NTC Open Championships 2015. Bronze: Ultimate Open Championships 2015; All Stars Open Championships 2015; International Open Championships 2015; British National Championships 2015; NTC Open Championships 2016; International Open Poomsae Championships 2017. First, second and third dan black belt - Distinction

Q1: When did you first start competing in your sport and what attracted you to it?

I first began training in March 2014. Due to my cystic fibrosis, I needed to be more active and tried various sports. When someone came into my primary school advertising taekwondo, I wanted to know more about it. My mum found Horizon Taekwondo Academy and from the first lesson, I fell in love with the class and began to train more often.

Q2: What do you enjoy most about competing for your current team/club?

I enjoy Poomsae (a defined pattern of defense-and-attack motions) and self-defense, as well as meeting and making new friends, and helping them in their Poomsae in preparation for their grading.

Q3: What’s been the highlight of your sporting days so far?

Being invited to trial with the GB Poomsae Team and earning my first, second and third dan black belt with distinction.

Q4: What’s your aims in your sport?

To be a part of the GB Poomsae Team

Q5: What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of participating in your sport?

The weight system to be able to fight in different categories. Due to my CF, I need to gain weight to keep healthy and to stay out of hospital, which means I will get tougher fights.

Q6: Who’s your sporting hero or heroes and why?

Jonny and Alistair Brownlee. They also inspired me to get into more sports as their father was my CF specialist doctor. He encouraged me to find an active sport to help keep my lungs clear.

Q7: What’s been the most memorable event/match you’ve participated in and why was it so memorable?

I had recently left hospital following a course of intravenous antibiotics via a central line on my neck. I had also contracted MRSA, which I battled through, and went on to compete at the Yorkshire Championships in 2015. I was losing by quite a large points difference in the final and was behind in the second round. I managed to pull it back and won 15-14 in the final round to collect the gold medal.

Q8: How much of your life does your sport take up?

I train twice a week, which sometimes changes if a competition or grading is approaching. It still allows time for schoolwork or meeting up with friends.

Q9: Do you have a motto that you follow in your sport?

Be the best that you can be.

Q10: What lessons for life have you learned through your sport?

Self-defense and to respect others.

Q11: What have been the benefits to you by doing your sport?

Helped me maintain a good lung function for my CF and kept me healthy.

Q12: What’s the worst injury you’ve had and what was the rehab like?

Black eye and a bust lip a couple of times. I just have to shake it off and come back stronger.

Q13: What advice would you offer to a youngster starting out in your sport?

Don’t give up after the first challenge. Things will get harder but the outcome will be great.

Q14: Do you have a set routine in terms of preparation on a fight day?

In competitions, we will have a team meeting before the warm-up and stretch, before supporting the team members in the fights.

Q15: If you had a celebrity fan, who would you want it to be and why?

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. His music motivates me to try and aim for more.

Q16: What or who motivates you ahead of a fight?

Training with my teammates.

Q17: Have you met any famous sports people? Tell us all about it.

The Olympic silver medallist, Lutalo Muhammad, while waiting to fight at the British Nationals.

Q18: What would you say to somebody to recommend them to your sport and your club?

You will work with a great team who will teach you helpful skills for life.

Q19: When the time comes to retire from your sport, do you think you would like to take up a different role in your sport?

I would like to teach others and support them in the sport.

Q20: Anything else you would like to say about yourself or your sport?

I would like to become a fifth dan master. As a third dan, this would take around seven years to achieve.