KEIGHLEY Cougars' League One season has officially been cancelled, just two games in.

Following an RFL Forum yesterday, in which most Championship and League One teams agreed that the prospect of returning without crowds was not plausible, it was decided to end the season here and now.

But the RFL are offering the option of an autumn tournament to celebrate the sport’s 125th anniversary – with a prize pot of £250,000.

It remains to be seen whether Cougars will participate in that or not.

Keighley had made a poor start in League One, with away defeats to Workington Town and Rochdale Hornets, but were confident of bouncing back and mounting a promotion push.

That will now have to wait until 2021.

Cougars' general manager Lisa Gill said: "We're disappointed and we're going to have a board meeting on Friday to discuss the possibilities the RFL have put forward. We're still waiting to get a few more details about the 125-year tournament too."

Chairman Mick O'Neill added: "They're saying about this competition and talking about that we might be able to have people in but then we might not. We'll have to look at it more in depth."