BRADFORD District heavyweight Danny Whitaker has thanked his team for 'saving him for another day' after they pulled him out of the ring against David Adeleye.

'Big Dawg' kept his prospect opponent at bay during the opener live on BT Sport, but was caught on the back of the head in the second which scrambled his senses.

After getting up from the shot, the fancied Londoner went to work, unloading classy combinations forcing the 30-year-old down again.

There was some confusion when Adeleye fired an uppercut at the knelt Whitaker. Although the punch caught the shielded gloves, the referee signalled a time-out for the illegal blow.

However by this point, Whitaker's cornerman Glenn Banks had already thrown the towel in.

The Silsden boxer said: "The first round I kept him off with a few decent double jabs and my head movement was good.

"Second round he stepped it up a bit and I did start to feel his power.

"I slipped one of his shots and because the way I rolled over it, it caught me on the back of my head. Unfortunately for me, it dazed me.

"I can’t really remember much of that second round after that shot. Having watched bits of it, I look like I’m not there. When I got caught with that shot it was the beginning of the end.

"He hit me with a shot whilst I took a knee and the ref was having a word with him.

"My corner team didn’t want me to get hurt and didn’t think there was much point in me carrying on.

"Rather than risk me not fighting again, they decided to throw the towel in which I can’t complain with.

"I was just a bit gutted that I couldn’t show people more of what I can do. I certainly had a lot more to give."

The 4-2 boxer now feels a return down the pecking order is appropriate and has his eyes on the prize in 2021.

Whitaker added: "I just have to regroup and push forward into next year. I want to take a few fights at my level.

"Maybe get more quality heavyweight sparring as well to prepare me for punchers like David Adeleye.

"By the end of next year, I want to be getting that (currently vacant) Central Area title."