BRADFORD City Women and a couple of other sides in our district may soon have a decision on what happens to the rest of their season.

The Women's Super League (Step 1) and Championship (Step 2) are carrying on, but Steps 3 to 6 are currently suspended.

That includes the FA Women's National League Division One North (Step 4), which contains both Bradford City and Brighouse Town, as well as Leeds United for that matter.

Also affected would be Bradford (Park Avenue), who play in the North East Regional Women's Football League Southern Division (Step 6).

The options available to these clubs include: null and void, playing fixtures in June or later and deciding the season on weighted or unweighted points per game if 50 per cent, 66 per cent or 75 per cent of games have been played.

Clubs have until this Friday to respond to the FA survey that has been sent out, detailing those options and more, though a final decision on what happens is unlikely to be made for a few weeks yet.

Leagues in the women's game do tend to have less teams, and therefore less fixtures. City, Brighouse and Leeds are part of a division of 12, while Avenue's only contains nine teams.

But there have been hardly any matches. As we mentioned on Saturday, City have only played four of their 22 games. Avenue have at least fared a bit better, with six of their 16 fixtures completed.

There is uncertainty over the grassroots game too. Many of our women's teams play at Step 7 and below, such as Thackley and Silsden in the West Riding County Women's Football League.

These localised leagues act as feeder divisions for the above steps, but a null and void decision for Step 6 would likely make playing on below a little pointless, as promotion would surely be off the table.

Again, another issue is the huge lack of games played so far, which would surely count out using PPG.

In the West Riding County Women's Football League Premier Division (Step 7) for example, Thackley have had five of their 18 scheduled matches, Silsden four, and rock-bottom Brighouse Sports just two.