IT was a difficult year in charge for former Bradford Union president Simon Tabel, but it ended on a positive note, with the announcement that golf is due to return from March 29.

Though some tournaments, like the Bradford Open, were able to take place last year, most were lost due to the pandemic.

Tabel, whose time in charge ended this week, is hopeful of a full calendar for 2021.

He said: “We’ve got a few alliances scheduled for just after March 29, including the Skipton one two days later.

“We’re hopeful we can play that, as we know a lot of golfers want them back, and it’s a big money maker for the club itself.

“We’re keen to have the courses full and a few hundred pounds will be welcome to clubs, especially after the year we’ve had and with clubhouses not able to open again yet.

“It would be great to play a couple of alliances with on-course restrictions off if possible, as having to play with flags in and not being able to rake the bunkers does make a difference.

“We’re hoping for a full league season, as well as the Yorkshire inter-district competition, which we lost last year. There’s no reason to think all of this can’t go ahead.”

There is still some exasperation over why golfers have to wait another month to get out there and play again, with Tabel saying: “It’s great to hear we’ll be back on courses at the end of March.

“But that’s still quite a long time away, and I’m surprised we’re not there now, considering courses are open in Scotland and people can play there, as long as they don’t travel far.

“It just seems like a bit of a mixed message around safety.

“But for the sake of a few weeks, we’ll all just have to take it on the chin.”

Tabel admitted: “I’m not sure exactly what golf will look like when we first come back.

“England Golf and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf have met to discuss what will happen, so we’ll see what the rules are.”

Keighley member Tabel is now Union vice-president and has handed over the reins to Mark Buckley, but he will be back for another go in 2022.

He’ll be hoping for a far more normal year in charge by then.