FORMER Cougars player Cameron Leeming has been forced to retire at the age of just 25.

The Oldham centre, who missed the start of this season with a hamstring problem, has been troubled by serious knee injuries for a long time, including when he was at Keighley in the 2018 season.

In a Tweet, an emotional Leeming wrote: "Unfortunately, due to medical advice given to me regarding some long-term knee injuries, I've had to retire from rugby league earlier than planned.

"I've struggled with my knees for years, after multiple ACL reconstructions, and it's finally taken its toll.

"It's for the best for me and my family to stop playing the game I've loved playing my whole life.

"The game's given me some unbelievable memories and opportunities, taking me all over the world.

"I'm glad I got to finish it with the best group of lads I've played with, albeit not in the circumstances I'd have liked.

"Big thank you to my family and friends, who've supported me through it all. Let's see what the future brings."