DENHOLME'S Toby Priestley was honoured with three awards at the Craven League end-of-season presentation.

Having enjoyed a prolific season with the bat, he won the Division One batting averages, was awarded the Hargreaves Batting Trophy and, with 26 wickets at 17.42, lifted the Frank Surgener Memorial Trophy for winning the top-flight all-rounder prize.


Batting, First Division: Toby Priestley (Denholme) 18 inns-3 not outs-692 runs-average 46.13. Second Division: Neil Freeman (Glusburn) 15-6-449-49.89. Third Division: Kevin Pollard (Thornton-in-Craven) 21-5-808-50.50. Division 4A: Ben Hinchcliffe (Crossflatts II) 12-4-411-51.38. Division 4B: Alan Coney (Glusburn II) 18-7-647-58.82.

Bowling, First Division: Scott Robinson (Embsay) 94.1 overs-262 runs-30 wickets-average 8.73. Second Division: Dan Scott (Ingrow) 158-424-40-10.60. Third Division: Arnie Raistrick (Eldwick & Gilstead) 124.5-398-40-7.45. Division 4A: Mick Addy (Crossflatts II) 155-327-43-7.60. Division 4B: Will Pullen (Silsden) 107-213-43-4.95.

Hargreaves Batting Trophy: Toby Priestley (Denholme). Garbutt Bowling Trophy: Scott Robinson (Embsay). Fryers Wicket-Keeping Trophy: Gareth Wright (Wilsden) 28 catches, 1 stumping. Mewies Fielding Trophy: Matthew Lloyd (Glusburn) 18 catches. Mark Batty Memorial Trophy (under-18s, league matches only): Bradley Powell (Oakworth), Matthew Hogg (Cononley), 9 catches.

Norman Smith Merit Trophy: Dan Scott (Ingrow) 14-3-339-30.82; 158-424-40-10.60. FS Trueman Ball Trophy: Sam Mitchell (Wilsden) 179-44-603-52-11.60. Harold Blackburn Trophy: Ben Hemsley (Bingley Congs) 16 year-old who played for first and second teams, bowling average 9.14 for first team, 19.61 for second team; batting average 33.90 for second team. Don Green Memorial Trophy: Toby Meynell (Bradley) 13 year-old playing for first and second teams, bowling average 8.85 for first team; bowling average 7.50 for second team.

All Rounders of the Year - First Division, Frank Surgener Memorial Trophy: Toby Priestley (Denholme), 692 runs at 46.13, 26 wickets at 17.42. Second Division, Derek Granger Memorial Trophy: Sarum Qureshi (Ingrow St John's) 589 runs at 39.27, 46 wickets at 10.70. Third Division, Secretary's Trophy: Cameron Knowles (Cononley) 630 runs at 42, 28 wickets at 17.39. Division 4A, Treasurer's Trophy: Michael Dennison (Denholme II) 522 runs at 37.29, 25 wickets at 20.84. Division 4B, Fixture Secretary's Trophy: Alan Coney (Glusburn II) 647 runs at 58.82, 35 wickets at 13.11.

Margaret Coe Memorial Trophy (Club of the Year): Haworth Road Meths.