CLUBS within the Mewies Solicitors Craven League have been warned that not all of the teams who played in the league this season may reach the starting tape next April.

The message was handed out by fixture secretary Trevor Coe at the league's rules revision meeting at Cross Hills Social Club, and more will hopefully be known by Monday's league annual meeting at the same venue.

However, no-one has submitted a proposal for a loan system, which has been defeated for the past two seasons and which may have helped other clubs out.

He added: "Hopefully the fixtures will be out before Christmas or just after."

One of the proposed rule changes from the executive committee is that clubs will lose league points for conceding fixtures – a point if a club has only one team, a point each for a first and second team if a second team concedes a fixture and a point penalty for both second and third teams if a third team concedes a fixture.

Another proposal is to extend the tea interval from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, while another was that penalty runs will not be applied in Division Three, Division Four A or Division Four B.

However, penalty runs could apply in the top two divisions as per the new MCC Laws 41 and 42.

The batting side could be asked to make a "reasonable search" for lost cricket balls during their innings.