Airedale Thirds 1 Tadcaster Magnets Seconds 1

AIREDALE made an explosive start, with captain Lesley Leach driving the ball into the D from the halfway line to have an attempt on goal.

Tadcaster responded and soon found themselves with an opportunity. Their first effort was blocked by goalkeeper Kate Perfect who made a sensational dive to clear. However, Airedale defender Lindsey Carey became a casualty of Perfect's save and was also floored.

With the backline defenceless, Tadcaster managed to retrieve the ball and opened the scoring with a cheeky flick shot into the goal.

Player of the match Sam Fawcett demonstrated a positive attitude, controlling the midfield and utilising the space that Katie Barber was creating on the right wing.

Barber’s inspiring runs put the Tadcaster defence under pressure which eventually resulted in Airedale being awarded a short corner.

The ball was received by Fern Godfrey who made a magnificent strike towards the goal. It narrowly missed but rebounded from the post where Adele Haughey was quick to react and slot in the equaliser.

The second half showed Airedale as the stronger team. Olivia Roberts confidently cleared away every attempt that Tadcaster took to break through.

Forward Alicia Carling looked powerful when in possession and was unfortunate not to secure a winning goal despite her skilful efforts.