Yorkshire Hockey Association Division Five North: Leeds University Fifths 1 Airedale Seconds 1

FROM the push-back Airedale began strongly with a determined drive from Libby Marsh.

The team followed her lead and applied high pressure on the Leeds defence. Their determination came to fruition when a skilful shot from Alex Fryer put the away team in the lead.

Continuing to pile on the pressure, Airedale earned a short corner but the Leeds defence held firm and went on the counter-attack.

Charging down the pitch, Leeds took their chance. Goalkeeper Kate Perfect was successful in blocking the first attempt but the rebound was just out of reach as the hosts equalised.

The second half saw Leeds look more threatening but the defensive resistance of Sarah Marsh ensured that Airedale kept possession well.

Fine work between Fryer and midfielder Lizzie Kendrick kept opportunities flowing for Airedale, who went close when Adele Haughey took an elevated shot in the D which frustratingly hit the bar.

Persistence in the D awarded Airedale another short corner, where the ball found its way to Fryer, who tapped the ball over the line. However, the goal was disallowed as the ball had deflected from a foot before getting to Fryer.

Leeds stepped up the pace significantly towards the end of the match, putting Airedale’s defence to work.

Goalkeeper Perfect batted away several attempts on goal with Kitty Blake providing crucial support on the back-line. Georgina Mumby held the Leeds attack and made some outstanding clearances, while Katie Armitage channelled the opposition away from the D as the visitors held on for a draw.