RUGBY legend Garry Schofield has joined the Cougars as club ambassador – returning to the scene of his first-ever try.

Schofield will spearhead Keighley's commercial and sponsorship drive and aims to bring a "wow factor" to match days at Cougar Park.

The former Great Britain star has good memories of the ground after scoring for the first time for Hull FC there in 1983.

"It was a Yorkshire Cup tie on a freezing cold Wednesday night," recalled Schofield.

"I was with Trevor Skerrett on the bench and with 15 minutes to go we were just looking forward to picking up our win bonus.

"The coach, Arthur Bunting, must have heard us say we weren't going on because three minutes later he told us to get out there. We begged him not to because it was so cold!

"But we got on and with about six minutes to go, Kevin Harkin made a break from 20 metres out. I managed to support him – that's why I got the nickname the poacher – and he put me under the posts. So I've always been fond of this place because of that.

"We all know what's gone on before with Cougarmania and the like. We know what we are but we want to spread the brand. That's my role as ambassador and I'm delighted to be involved.

"Hopefully on the field we'll entertain the crowd and get the wins. From our side, we want to give people that 'wow' experience that leaves them wanting to come back for more."

Schofield loved to play with a smile on his face and he believes Craig Lingard will get the Cougars playing the right way in a League One that has been spiced up by the presence of the Bulls.

Yet he will not be offering any advice unless the coach asks for it and said: "I'm standing back. That department is nothing to do with me.

"If he does come asking, I'm here. But I'm not overlooking him or anything like that.

"I know he wants to play in the right way. I'm not into five drives and a kick and structures like that. That can be too boring – and that's not how we're going to be at Keighley Cougars.

"Lingard has said they are going to play open, attractive rugby league and score many, many points.

"When we do play the lesser teams like Coventry or Hemel, my philosophy is quite simple. If we can get 100 points, go get them. If we can get 200, let's do that – don't show any sympathy.

"Maybe they'll have to be a bit more conservative against the likes of York and Bradford but Craig wants to entertain the crowd.

"If we can get it right on the field, we want to make sure it's the same off it and everyone goes home having enjoyed the experience."