Gwen Hopkinson

HOPKINSON Gwen Thank you all who showed support to our family over the last weeks, and to Revd's Cat and Elspeth from St Mary's and Shaun from The Knowle for conducting the service in a most dignified way in the most extreme weather. Special thanks also to the past Staff at Bronte Park and the present Staff at Herncliffe Care homes for their dedicated care, together with practice doctors, over many years. Many in the Church and village community in Oxenhope helped Gwen regain her independence in the past and the family would like to thank members of the Meals on Wheels Service, Women's Help Society, Knitting Club and Local Shopkeepers for all their time and care. We hope to hold a Service in Church and plant bulbs and seeds at the Graveside in Memory of Gwen on her '95th Birthday' June 5.