THE eminent health academic Professor Roy Lilley in his latest blog post coins the term ‘Doing a Carillion’, going on to characterise what many health trusts are engaged in – which involves cutting staffing costs in a vain attempt to make ends meet.

They are doing this by moving staff through compulsory TUPE arrangements to ‘shell vehicles’, which then contracts staff back to work for the trust, saving money when new staff are employed as they will not be recruited on NHS terms and conditions.

This is happening under our very noses at Airedale Hospital, where the trust is transferring 350 ancillary staff out of the NHS today, March 1.

It’s clear this will not save enough money in what is a grossly under-funded service but will ensure that staff are further demoralised by enduring poorer terms, conditions and take-home pay.

The NHS needs well paid and well motivated staff.

This decision needs to be reversed.

RICHARD TASSELL Botany Drive East Morton