COUNCILLOR Fulzar Ahmed is reported to believe that “no one is happy” with the changes to Albert Street, Keighley, which has resulted from the one-way street leading away from North Street.

I, for one, am very happy with this change implemented by the council.

The North Street/Albert Street junction has been the cause of hold-ups and near misses for some time.

The changes have reduced this somewhat.

For myself, I would have been more radical and closed the junction altogether, but the current position is a fair compromise.

Cllr Ahmed says that the changes have simply moved the hold-ups elsewhere. He is correct. However, on this occasion, that is the entire purpose, in order that the hold-ups are away from the Cavendish Street/North Street junction.

I hope that there are no changes to the traffic flow when the council reviews the improvements.

ANDREW STEELE Eelholme View Street Beechcliffe