IN this pantomime season I have to say to Mark Burgess (‘Conservatives and Labour Not the Same’, last week’s Keighley News letters), oh yes they are.

Mark, you are sorry it sounds like a party political broadcast, but I understand you feel strongly about this question. No need to be sorry – other parties do the same thing and it’s how we non-political people are educated into the aspects of political debate.

You point out how your party differs; for me it’s fair comment – however, and it is a massive however, both parties are Brexit parties. Both parties are anti-queer, given that only 11 Labour MPs supported the Scottish Government’s attempt to make life more tolerable for trans and non-binary equality, the rest supporting the Conservatives.

Labour has not agreed to scrap anti-union legislation or the freedom to demonstrate, again seemingly agreeing with the Conservative Party.

Further, their funding proposals for the NHS are no better and refuse to say if they would pay our professional health workers more. Their position is they would negotiate.

Labour leaders made promises to the rich and wealthy in Davos, stating it would be business as usual. Ms Reeves was at pains to point out that investment in our public services was on Labour’s list.

Labour is, from my point of view, a Mark II Conservative Party in waiting.

How, Mark, can you convince me – a working-class person on a modest income – to vote for Labour. I feel the same, by the way, about the Conservatives and Lib Dems. What option do I have: Green perhaps, or just not bother voting?

Helen Hallam, Oakworth

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