MANY thanks for publishing the photo of the St Joseph’s Primary School class from 1964.

Responses came in from around the UK and abroad and thanks to the Keighley News we now have the names of everybody in the photograph.

Hopefully we can make contact with many more of our surviving classmates – sadly at least two have passed on – and maybe even organise a reunion on the anniversary of Keighley’s last 11-plus exam.

The full class is: back row – teacher Miss Ferguson, Francesco Consoli, Francis Waddington, Gerald Driver, Michael Hall, Keith Abbott, Stephen Scroop, Julie Craven, Pamela Moorhouse, Eileen Hayes, Catherine Rogerson, Margaret Arnold and Mary Malarkey. Middle row – Joseph Quain, Frank Durham, Kenneth Trowers, Peter Fitzmorris, Derek Hobson, Anthony Atkins, Stephen Cooke, Judith Moffat, Anne Whitelock, Anne Blaylock, Theresa Langden, Kathleen Kingham and Adrian Blakoski. Front row – Keith Wasley, Peter Bradley, Terence Kennedy, Doreen Krajnyk, Kevin Seaton, Anna Hrymalak, Pamela Feeney, Barbara Hudson, Margaret Banbury, Bernard Hall, Peter Conway, Philip Addison and Patrick Ryan.

Thank you.

Patrick Ryan, Dore