MP ROBBIE Moore has written to many of us in Silsden asking that we help him in "protecting our green belt land".

Silsden Campaign for the Countryside has been fighting to protect the most precious fields in Silsden and their wildlife for more than three years.

It has constantly engaged with the community through meetings, leafleting, its website and social media, as well as maintaining a significant public profile beyond. It has commissioned an engaging community film about the threats of over development to our town and its surrounding environment. It has more than 200 subscribers to its regular newsletters (number 11 recently issued), which have been much praised for their rich content and high quality. It has engaged in depth with the Council for Protection of Rural England, compiling expert opinion on relevant planning issues as well as conducting its own extensive research on the subject. Many other local experts have contributed to our collective knowledge.

All of this has been shared with Silsden residents, outside of any party political viewpoint, to help them make their own informed comments on planning applications – most notably on the current proposal by Persimmon for 140 new homes. To date over 640 people have taken this up by setting out their views to Bradford Council and we greatly appreciate their continued support. The campaign would like to help Mr Moore by suggesting that he stand with us as an organisation and acknowledge the efforts already made by our community supporters. Our countryside is for the long-term future, well beyond the next general election. His extensive commentary in Westminster about our affairs here in Silsden may impress some but it is of little practical use here where it counts. Our supporters would much rather hear about his recognition of their efforts and his actual plans for practical help.

Mark Wogden, chair, Silsden Campaign for the Countryside

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