KEIGHLEY MP Robbie Moore presented his Local Authority Boundaries (Referendums) Bill in Parliament on Monday, June 20, 2022. It returned to Parliament for a second reading on February 27 and was then adjourned until Friday, March 24. However, it is unlikely to be selected for debate on that date and will more than likely fall next autumn when this parliamentary session ends and a new one starts with the king’s speech for the state opening of Parliament. Incidentally the Bill does not appear to have the support of Mr Moore’s Conservative Government.

This means Keighley is unlikely to break away from Bradford Metropolitan District Council anytime soon. So let’s move on. It’s a long time since 1974 when, at the time of a Conservative Government, it was decided to create metropolitan councils such as Bradford and Leeds and abolish Keighley Borough Council and other such borough and urban district councils.

In moving on I suggest we can be proud of where we live and not disparage other places. To deliver adults’ and children’s services requires councils to be larger than the former Keighley Borough Council, that’s why metropolitan councils were created in 1974. But that does not prevent devolving other services and budgets to area committees. To be fair to Bradford Council, it does through its constitution delegate some services to the five area committees, these include parks, community facilities, local highway schemes, youth services, street cleaning, public toilets and council wardens. Although these functions are delegated, by and large their budgets are not.

I urge the leadership of Bradford Council to get on with the devolution of budgets to the area committees so decisions on these services are taken by the councillors they have elected in their area of the district. This should improve community cohesion and provide better local governance.

Michael Johnson, Haworth

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