I WENT to cast my vote last Thursday and was absolutely flabbergasted.

The only town councillor on my ballot paper to declare their party allegiance was an independent. No other party was mentioned for the remaining candidates. When I asked why, I was told Keighley Town Council had decided that all of the candidates would be independent. What a load of twaddle. I and several others know that other candidates on the list are far from being independent and that the decision was taken to do this without any consultation or consideration for the electorate.

Surely this is not free and fair elections?

Laura Jackson, Keighley

* Keighley town clerk, Joe Cooney, responds: "The town council has no involvement in, or jurisdiction over, how candidates describe themselves on their nomination forms.

"Any candidate is free to include a description, such as party affiliation, if they so wish.

"It’s a matter for candidates and any political party if they wish to stand under their political banner."