WITH regard to the story Memories of Mills Needed, we must surely stop the destruction of Keighley’s heritage.

In Little Germany, Bradford, the council used the shells of buildings and built new ones within them. Doesn’t Keighley deserve to have the riverside Dalton Mills conserved, preserved and put to good use?

Dalton Mills is in the perfect place for a health hub, and it has plenty of parking. It meets with the core strategy and even has an off-road transport network route too – footpaths!

Health hub funding aside, there would surely also be funds in upper echelons for the conservation of old Keighley. Maybe money could come from the City of Culture pot too?

Sadly, no authority seems to care about Keighley’s amazing heritage, even though the town is much older than Bradford and has more industrial history.

Sometimes it takes an 'off-cumden' to see the treasures within Keighley, such as the old water-driven Castle Mill and all the waterways infrastructure across the district.

So much of Keighley’s amazing history – the result of the industrial revolution and Halifax’s business expansion – has already been lost because no one seems to care. Sadly, it seems that even if we had pyramids in Keighley they would be destroyed!

Barbara Archer, Keighley

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