YOUR readers may have noticed the For Sale sign on the side of the former Ritz Cinema building in Alice Street, and be wondering what might happen to it and what it may become should a buyer be found.

A number of Keighley residents are very anxious to have the building listed as an asset of community value on the grounds of its architectural, social and cultural heritage, in order to have the opportunity at a later date to propose a community use for the building, thereby giving it a third life into the next century.

To achieve this we need to form a voluntary unincorporated organisation and make an official application to Bradford Council, and rather than go forward as a single-issue body, we this see this as a perfect opportunity to revive Keighley’s civic society.

To that end, can I ask that anybody who wishes to join the new Keighley Civic Society email me in the first instance?

My role is solely to facilitate this as, having only lived in Keighley for six years, I am not qualified to take any role in Keighley Civic Society other than as an ordinary member. My email address is Once we know the level of interest we can arrange a public meeting in a suitable venue and begin the absolutely non-political work of identifying, protecting, promoting and working to enhance Keighley’s environmental, industrial, cultural and architectural heritage.

Jane Lee, Utley